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Farm Equipment – Upgrading the Planter

This winter we found ourselves purchasing a new (to us) planter. Honestly it was way past time to purchase one. The six row planter was purchased about 20 years ago my farmer tells me. After a few years of installing new parts he began looking and researching for a new one. I just came across a post I did that showed how the planter worked. These days we would do a video as people seem to prefer that to reading blog posts. I don’t do many videos, maybe when we pull it out to start planting this spring!

I recall last summer when we took our daughter to Nebraska for church camp we stopped and looked at a couple. I know there are some farm wives that are shaking their heads right now because they know that feeling!

Milton ended up finding one somewhat locally in Hutchinson, Kansas. The 2014 AGCO 16 row planter we now call ours made it’s way to the farm via delivery by a semi. He will use the White 6195 tractor to pull the planter. With the upgrade in planters we also are moving into the world of GPS monitoring. We are having a GPS installed in the tractor. It will be a change for sure but it was time I suppose.

The old planter left the farm yard one last time via that semi that brought the new one. Although it was small it did a great deal of work for our family farm. Both Milton and his father planted many crops with that six row planter. I recall standing in the farm yard watching my husband, his dad and our farm kid load the white seed boxes. Good memories have been made for sure like the one below from 2013!

I am anxious to compare how long it takes Milton to plant with the new one. I know there will be a learning curve this planting season with the new technology but rest assured this was a good purchase for our farm operation. I will admit it scares me to borrow so much money but at the same time it was necessary. Besides, my husband doesn’t buy the newest, biggest or best which makes me sleep alittle better at night! 🙂 I feel confident it will help Milton be more efficient with time and planting crops, it will help us in the long run take care of the land, feed others and enable us to pay our landlords and enhance other areas of our operation with the income.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment on here or our social media platforms. We appreciate your taking the time to learn how our small family Kansas farm works!

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