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Spring 2020 Different Yet Not

Shortly into this thing we call spring and it really has not been like any other we’ve participated in. I know most of the world knows why and can relate. Insert Covid-19. As a farm family it has been life as usual when referring to the farm, as of this post. In other sections of our lives not so much.

For instance, just this week at the dinner table the farmer mentioned he asked one of his seed guys if his was here. “they are getting it together this week” was the seed guy’s reply. Then Milton moved on, with a slight grin on his face I might add, “contracted some 2021 wheat today.” I looked at him and stated, ” so you’re gonna be farming in 2021. To my not so shocked self I received a “um.. yes.” Jokingly I added, “I thought we were talking retirement?” At this point I could tell he thought I had finally lost my marbles from the recent world changes of being in “stay at home” mode for too long!

I mean let me be blunt – I like to dream about retirement but reality is in this household it won’t happen. The man I’m married to will go to his grave, if he has it his way after just harvesting or planting something. Work defines him, truly it does. To his defense, he is only 53 and I’m heading into those lovely years here shortly. I hear they say work as long as you can and at least till 70 for that social security check! Believe me, his dad farmed until he was into his late 80’s in some form, and his mother at her job into her late 70’s I think. I expect nothing else from my farmer, even if it isn’t for me.

Back in the day filling seed into the planter.

The rest of our lives has changed and will continue to adjust as the days and weeks ahead unravel. Our daughter’s schooling will look different, which will affect both our work schedules possibly. Time together is more, which can be wonderful. I feel our daughter’s age is a good one to deal with this situation. She is old enough to do her own thing yet still wants to hang with mom and dad. She turns 12 this Saturday.

Spring break building. Desk for her birthday
Father Daughter Spring Break building. Desk for her 12th birthday.

Another conversation between us brought awareness to me. While discussing quarantine the hubs stated “we really only went out for essentials anyway.” To some degree this is true, we didn’t really socialize much or go out to eat or shop much before all this started. Grocery pickup and shopping online became our thing. Yet it’s hard not to just get in the car and go see the big kids or grandkids or have them over for a meal. That is the hardest part for this family loving human right here! But we are fortunate to have video chats.

I found it ironic this statement came from the guy that can’t stand to be in the house a full day completely without going stir crazy. Remember, he’s the one that you have to take AWAY from the farm to get him to just chill! Milton isn’t high maintenance at all, he just needs his outdoors, a little tinkering, building or farming in his day. Oh and the couch at the end of that day, his 9:00 p.m. news to catch the weather and a little snooze, then hit the 10:00 p.m. news!

Before we know it the planter and tractor will be back at the farm and the farmer will be heading to the field to plant the next crop. The pallets of seed will be in the shed and then a large pile of empty bags piling up next to it. Every spring you can count on it. This spring planting season he will have a learning curve since going to GPS, it might be good that there’s really only room for one in that tractor cab. 🙂

I’m actually very glad and yes I’m putting it in writing on the world wide web forever, that my husband is a farmer during these uncertain times. I know that spring will prevail, we will adjust to this new life. That the flowers will bloom in our gardens and the sun will shine. Along with rain playing it’s part and here’s hoping our entire family is back around my dinner table sooner than later! Stay safe and know that your farmer here in Central Kansas is continuing to do his thing and LOVING IT!

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One thought on “Spring 2020 Different Yet Not

  1. My husband works for an agricultural company and they are doing everything they can to mitigate contamination while keeping things rolling for the season. It’s been strange, but everyone around here (farming community) has the “get it done” attitude. And I’m very familiar with those long- working farmers! They never stop, but I think it’s also a good way to keep them young!
    Stay safe!

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