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Growing in the Midst of Uncertainty

Honestly I wasn’t sure what to title my blog post because there’s a few different things I want to document for our future generations to read about this time in our lives. As I began to write it ended up being mostly the subject of our daughter. I am feeling moved to write more so hopefully more posts are to follow the days ahead.

Our life on the farm has been impacted by the COVID-19 but not to the degree that we are afraid. Perhaps a little fearful but not to the point of wondering where our next meal will come from or will my husband be able to plant that corn, soybeans and milo he usually does in the spring/summer. I’ve got a few package of toilet paper in stock but I usually do anyway!

We’ve had some disappointments but nothing we can’t get through. For instance Milton and our daughter were headed out last Sunday morning to ski and dog sled in Colorado. I quickly called them back after reading the ski resort had been shut down for the season. My daughter’s disappointment was hard to see but I also looked at it as a learning experience for her.

She will grow in this time of uncertainty and she will be shaken by choices made by others. Her parents, government officials, school superintendent, just to name a few. In fact, earlier in the week, a choice by the Kansas Governor was one that impacted her (almost) 12 year old self quite a bit. She will not be returning to her last year in the elementary school building she has been attending. She won’t be playing her trumpet at the spring band concert or trying out to see if she gets a solo part for the vocal concert she wanted or playing the witch in the play for the PTO family fun night that was scheduled. All of these being important things to our tween, not to mention not really any interaction with her friends/classmates. (At the moment our daughter doesn’t have a phone of her own and is limited to use of her tablet- fyi) Her birthday celebration this month is still up in the air but I plan to make her favorites as usual just might be a more intimate setting.

As her parents, we are unsure what lies ahead for our daughter’s “continuous learning” but hopefully by March 30th we have a better idea. Am I anxious, sure to some degree, but I was about my daughter’s education prior to all this. We have faith in the people that run our state and country because basically they were voted in and I live in the USA. I wouldn’t want their job, I like my simple life. It’s not easy but God has been so good to me even in the hard times before, so I’m gonna stick with Him.

Our daughter is entering a stage in her life where finding her own self is more evident and taking on more responsibility is a must. Stress is never wanted or good for anyone but it’s part of living life. I’d rather she create a healthy way to cope and a foundation while still at home, before she steps out into this crazy world in her late teens/early twenties to fly on her own! We are trying to do our best to show her but even we still make mistakes in displaying right from wrong. But we are doing a few things and more to come I’m sure!

We’re trying to get outdoors daily and she has even taken the inititive to do this herself some, which is a good sign. If the rain could stop it would be helpful! 🙂 There was a rainbow this morning & alittle sunshine too!

We are doing more things together that normally we probably wouldn’t do. For instance, she helped me tie a quilt. PV isn’t big on quilting so I totally soaked that afternoon in! We play board games and we have always ate meals together at the dinner table. So that’s not new, we just sit longer and talk I feel.

Attending worship services will be a little different for us the next couple weeks as we will be watching together online. The Word isn’t just given in a building with an altar, it can/should be given in the home as well but regular worship is a must. My husband taught me this very well and has handed it down to our daughter. Sure, we miss sometimes but I sure can tell the difference! So I look forward to when there is one or two gathered together again in that country church!

In closing our farm life is coming alive a little more with each day because spring is here officially today. April brings a time of some planting and prepping the equipment. In fact, the new planter and tractor are in the shop as we speak. The farmer is building a desk for our birthday girl and will be working a side job when things dry out. I’m still going to my off the farm job a few days a week.

We’re moving along as best we can and are grateful we live where to do and do what we do for our occupations. We hope you are able to find the good and calm daily in the midst of this uncertainty.

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