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2020 Soybeans

The rain stopped and the ground dried up to some degree so the farmer made his way out into the fields on Tuesday of this week. Milton began with 301 acres of soybeans to get planted and the first day went well for him. He was on a time crunch as usual though. The forecast was showing rain and lots of it from Thursday through Tuesday! That gave him Tuesday and Wednesday to make things happen!

While Milton spent his day in the first field it was our farmkid’s last day of elementary school. Which meant that her and I had a “fun day.” This year it looked different due to COVID-19 but we still got out! We made some soft pretzels before heading to town. PV chose chinese food and we headed to the park. Normally we go shopping and lunch in another town but kept it simple with lunch, Walmart and a quick visit to a friend’s house. The evening was finished by watching one of our favorite shows as a family “The Voice” and enjoying root beer floats. I can not believe our girl will be in the 7th grade now!

Milton was able to get all the soybeans planted, which makes him happy. I noticed that he was smiling almost every time I saw him this week and he seemed to have an ease about him. I think having this planter and just doing his thing created that! Milton really does enjoy his life as a farmer and it brings him more joy than most anything in life. For me I would say having a family and having them around is probably comparable to his farm-love. 🙂

After us girls visited our twin grandsons for a bit I took him a root beer float in the field. Just a little something to get him through that last leg of the journey! We received a lot of rain over Thursday and one field I saw was flooded in an area, which is normal for it. They are calling for more rain this weekend, but for now we will feel blessed to have gotten the crop in the ground and continue to watch our wheat grow!

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