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Corn Harvest 2020 – September Back At It

A week ago my husband was hunting elk in the cool mountains of Colorado, he goes every year with a group of friends and his brothers. He loves hunting and that trip and farming almost on the same level. This week Milton is back in the combine to harvest corn. The weather has been cooler so some of our fields aren’t quite ready, he was happy to find the pivot corners (non-irrigated) were yesterday. Once those were done he made his way about 2 miles away to harvest another field.

Unfortunately in the midst of harvesting corn on that second field one of the combine spreaders wasn’t spinning properly. Come to find out the bevel gears were not working right. Today Milton drove to the parts store about 40 miles away to get what is needed to repair it. He went ahead and bought four new ones at the low low price of $246.00! This is the life of a farmer. You work, you repair, you work some more and you hope for the best.

Our CaseIH combine is not very old but it was used when we bought it. We have been quite pleased with it to be honest. The fact that my husband does annual maintenance and replaces parts on his equipment before they break (usually in harvest) makes him a good farmer I believe. Milton makes every effort, which I sometimes question, to insure that his equipment is taken care of. Often you might hear me say “why did you have to replace that or why does that cost so much?” He just says it needed it and to be honest I know he is right. The man does not spend money on anything frivolous hardly!

As I come back to this post the combine is now in the field doing what it does best, harvest crops to give us grain to sell! The next crop to harvest will more than likely be grain sorghum or milo as we call it most of the time. It’s beautiful but very itchy!

Until next time – enjoy your week and take life as simply as you can! The fall weather just makes me feel more relaxed and I’d love to be camping somewhere. But farming calls so I will write, cook, quilt and love on my family!

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