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Her Spot on the Couch

Taking a moment in the morning before work I was able to relax in our living room. As I sat there I was inspired with words to write. But on this day, just like most times I’m inspired, the words flow in my head but I’m not usually in front of my keyboard. I snapped a picture to help take me back when I was though.

What inspired me was the image below.

I know you are probably thinking, “how can that inspire you?”

Let me explain. I’m in the midst of raising my third daughter, in fact she’s 13 and so high school is closer than farther away. The days of her being at home will be less and eventually she will gravitate away from said place.

As I sat here I thought to myself, ” five or ten years ago or with her sisters I never would have allowed this so often.”

This being the tennis shoes that live next to the couch, it’s neighbor the water bottle and the blanket, hoodie and headphones that call said couch “home.” I know why those things reside there most of the time.

Factors and keys I’ve come ot realize in my parenting journey……

No television in the bedroom = child is more often hanging out with us.

No smartphone in the bedroom (except on rare occasions) = child spends more time doing other things, even some times with us!

Devices put away by 9:00 p.m. for the night outside the bedroom = makes for a better sleeper and more decent human being to live with!

Those are all factors as to why things reside in my living room. (And yes the fact that she is a teenager is key too) That spot on the couch is hers and she will let you know that! 🙂

I’m okay with it. And yes if we know company is coming or do our deep cleaning they get put away by her.

But as I sat in my chair I pondered what it would be like if those things were all of a sudden never there again. It made me think of some dear friends that have had their children pass away. I bet they would give anything to have tennis shoes in the way or a hoodie thrown across the couch or get a roll of the eyes from their child today.

I try to remember this isn’t forever and to pick my battles and figure out what’s important. My house looks well kept but lived in if you swing by. You will find my daughters shoes, hoodie and all the things in this picture probably in those exact spots if we don’t know you are coming by.

It took me raising almost all three girls to realize many things in the land of motherhood. No expert and I fail often. But ya know what, I’m okay with having the reminder that I’m lucky to be a mom three times around, even with the heartache, happiness and habits that come with it! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Yes she likes to be on her phone too much and I do have to remind her to do other things. Reality needs balance and we have discussed those things. My hope is we raise a well rounded child that learns from her mistakes.

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