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2021 – Least Of These

I knew I had not been blogging much in 2021 but looking back I see I only did four posts. I am surprised to say the least. That is the minimum amount of blog post I have ever done since 2012. There was plenty of things to write about I’m sure but taking the time was hard for me. The time it takes to gather my thoughts and sit at a computer after working at one most days lost out I guess. Other things consumed my time and to be honest I’ve lost my love of writing to some degree. Perhaps it will come back in 2022!

2021 on the farm was packed with it’s usual schedule and duties for my husband. This winter feeding cattle with them grazing during the day in the field behind our home. It’s nice to look out my kitchen or quilting studio and see them. Cattle have always made feel calm – I assume it stems from my childhood at the feed yard.

Our family headed to Alaska in July and enjoyed that immensely. We survived 2021 but us adults did catch Covid in November. We didn’t have too terrible of a time with it, thankfully. On a positive note our daughter no longer has to wear a brace for her Scoliosis, she is basically done growing. It is wonderful the freedom she has now! Our older children and their families are all doing well and we are so glad they live near us. We know with the chaotic world the way it is we are very lucky to live where we do and have family near.

Quilting is still my main hobby and I was able to donate some quilt tops this year which made me happy. A new hobby I started back in November was making sourdough bread. I had thought about it basically for a year and decided I’d jump on the bandwagon. I feel committed now as I’ve spent money on a few items to make the process more enjoyable. I’m not new to bread making but I am new to using a homemade starter! Challenges prevailed but I continued although I wanted to quit. I feel invested now and committed, lots to still learn though. I decided after my late night bake a thon recently to put the starters to sleep in my frig for a week. We’ll see how those starters do this week when I pull them back out!

We’re heading into 2022 still residing in our home, in good health and Milton is still doing what he loves, which provides for our family. Who knows what 2022 holds for us, probably more of the same as in the past. Farming. Groceries. Attending our daughter’s events. A vacation maybe some camping. Continuing to work and put one foot in front of the other. Just like most folks.

I don’t know if there will be much blogging or not in 2022. I guess you’ll have to just be sure to swing by or subscribe so I end up in your email inbox to find out! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today though!


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